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Another place to feed my supernatural obssession

Holding on to my LJ-not sure why
Not that anyone will be reading this but i had to post so my account doesnt go inactive or forgotten. Guess am still hanging around to catch up with moviegeek03 - whats up girl miss ya :) and really hoping aletheo will share the last part of his awesome Gemini Saga.

Shout out to drakemarie who is even less on LJ than me :P, love you :)

Updating my lonely journal ( someone help me bring back Gemini )
Hello peeps. So  as all two of you who ever stop by to comment, :p lol, noticed,  I no longer post  on LJ. Unfortunately I no longer have the extra fun time to hang out in LJ as I use to and supernatural has become a bit disappointing though still in my heart as first crazy TV obsession lol.

I have seen a lot of LJ friends slowly disappear. I feel like LJ is a stage of my younger  years that is now changing or possibly ending. And even though it's  sad I must say it was a great time. Met lots of great people and I wouldn't change the experience for anything in the world :).

In honor of what got me into LJ this  summer I figured I would try to have some reading fun with my old pal j2 Big Bang stories.spn_j2_bigbang

Bit sad because I don't see aletheo in the authors list, am actually pretty devastated, I am dying to read the rest of his Gemini series. If anyone knows him please beg him on my behalf to finish his amazing trilogy.

On the brighter side moviegeek03 is going to be posting an awesome xmen story I will be harassing her for all summer and will be trying to get my sis drakemarie to read. Hey you ❤️

May everyone have a fun summer. May old friends rekindle and new friendships be formed.

God bless everyone 😄

deans wtf face
Consider this an update. Trying to make sure my page does not look beyond abandon, which I think it still will even with this post.

Whats going on peeps ? 

I know am really really really really really Late But I hope everyone had a great start to the new y
So I know am like really really really really really Late posting this But I hope everyone had a great start to the new year :).
Trying to update this lonley page. Will see how that goes this week :).

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great start to the new Year :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
Hello Lonely page:

I am trying really hard to keep up with everyones posts buts its been really hard. I just wanted to send a chat out to all my LJ buddies and wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving Day ( yes i know its past 10 30 and most people allready finish thanksgiving day- dont judge me)


Happy Birthday to me- How i rediscover in two days why thinking of quiting LJ was Stupid of me

Yey Happy Birthday to me, Today I am 32 years old. Damn am getting old. Today I got to work ( late as usual) and check my emails and find all these lovely birthday wishes. INSERT HAPPY BIG SMILE ( ps someone has to teach me how to actually insert a happy big smile).

Yesterday I posted about a story I have become a fan of and how the story had lifted my spirits regarding remaning on LJ. On my post from yesterday I was going on about not having time for LJ and realizing why so many of the people I once saw so often on LJ have slowly dwindled away. I then started thinking I would be one of them due to the stressors from work and life- and starting a second job. WHICH by the way I am very psyched about because I am going to be a college proffersor- how cool is that (man they will hire just anyone these days to teach :P ).

Anyways, I also posted how I found this really awesome story that reminded me of the fun it is to lurk on LJ during the few precious seconds I have and how it really does help me relieve stress- especially due to the nature of my job.

AND TODAY MY COOLEST FRIENDS- gave me a even bigger most awesome reminder as to why LJ is such a fun great place. I had lovely birthday wishes from moviegeek03 drakemarie and blueeyedliz waiting for me after a very sucky morning. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. *tears*

I was reminded today of how much I love the SN fandom. How we all came together to share ideas, stories, and our love for the show. My friendship with my friends in LJ is ofcourse composed of sharing stories from our favorite show, our daily life- its good and bad times, and me being all fangirl over their awesone and fun writing.

I dont get to talk to everyone everyday nor do I get to post all the time and in fact thinking i could is really very unrealistic. After all we all have responsabilties to attend to.

LJ wastn and isnt my life- HOWEVER LJ IS that little world I go to hang out during spare time because Its fun- because i get to meet new people and catch up with old LJ friends. ITs a place where we can share our likes and dislikes and be listend to (even though we dont know what each other look like :p ). Its SUPPOSE TO BE FOR FUN. and these past two days I was reminded of that. THANKS YOU ALL.

For anyone out there- frustrated because you dont get to post on your page as often- or sad because no one visists it ( i hear you on that one) DONT FORGET- this is suppose to be fun- relax- let yourself go and have a bit of fun. Real Life is too stressfull as it is.


Thanks for all my birthday wishes you guys are the best- insert happy smile ( seriously someone needs to teach me how to actually insert a happy smile)

Hello LJ ( insert the sounds of echo from empty room- some crickets on the side for added effect)

I know I havent been posting on my page in a while. Life has become so hectic and I really rarely find the time to go online and have leisure time. I realize why so many people slowly leave the LJ world, the posting of stories, or everyday thoughts- I guess as we grow our priorities change and time becomes taken by other things- like family- work- a two year old
who thinks the world revolves aorund her :P -( dont tell her i said that)

I was thinking of purging my LJ account, I mean I really rarely have time to post and no one ever comes here. I figure I would just read stories in others accounts in the few seconds of reprieve I sometimes get and remain in the shadows never posting my thoughts. 
Hell I was thinking of quiting LJ all together,
like I said it wasnt like I had time for it or anything.

But I was hesitant. LJ is the place I go to to get away from the world. As a mental health counselor dealing with trauma, LJ became my therapeutic stress realese tool. So I decided againts it, I would remain in LJ with my lonley page, reading great stories and having fun.
After all its my fun time and I will do what I want with it, right :)

AND BOY was I reminded How much fun and what great works of writing one can find in LJ.

I have discover the most awesome story and I want to share it with the WOORRLLLDDDDDD,
okay well at least with the LJ WOORRRLLLDDD ( insert more sounds of echo empty room).

Allright to be honest I doubt anyone will be coming around my LJ page, BUT this story was so great it deserves a posting in the hopes that someone will accidently stop over my page, discover the story, read it, and give the author some muse and cheering so
that He may continue with his awesome work.

So without further adue I present you:

Gemini Rising

By aletheo


The wonderful author of this story aletheo created not only amazing characthers but
an amazing world and a very intriguing ( talk about edge of ur seat) plot.

I fell in love with this story, the characthers, the plot, the entire being of it.
( yes I know I sound slightly obsessed- luckily I am a mental health counselor
so i can get the proper help- no seriously
I am- yes I know am having a conversation by myself in LJ- so)

And the best part is that this is actually the first part of a trilogy.
The second part to this story was posted during this years spn_j2_bigbang

Gemini Ecliptic

The second part of the story was just as great,
though I must confessthat the first one
is my favorite one.

Anyways, if you happen to be a lost traveler and end up in my lonely page,
please go read Gemini, and let this wonderful author know
 that His hard work is appreaciated
by many and that we look foward to the rest of His amazing story.



I will complete the 100 Things Challenge- it may just take a century or so
I dont think anyone follows my journal but in case anyone stops by and wonders-
"" Is this person another one of those that starts something and doesnt finish it??'''

Well usually yes that is one of my worst habits BUT I making it a challenge to finish the 100 THings challenge- So this week I will be posting my number 2. I am also going to make it a point to check others challenges and talk about them in my lonely journal. :)

''100 THINGS" Challenge- # 1-Have Faith

So I am currently away on holiday with my hubby and my daughter, and I am beyond exhausted because I so do not have the lung capability to constantly run after a 2 year old :P... However, I said I was going to do this challenge, and seeing as how am way behind I am setting my but down to get this Challenge Started :)

So without further a due here is NUMBER ONE ON THE List:

100 Things
(books, ideas, quotes, movies, ect...)
I would like to share with my daughter

# 1- Have Faith

Read more...Collapse )

''100 THINGS" Challenge
sam n dean
So i have been inspired by munibunny
To give this a try:

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}
Now, I barely have time to go on LJ. In fact I barely have time to take a shower as it is. Caring for a toddler definitely turned out to be more exhausting than i expected. But it is this same toddler that has inspired me to do this. I have been trying to make a journal for her with little bits of me and her daddy.

I want her to have a little piece of us in case we pass away before we get to see her grow into an adult. (I know it sounds morbid) But If I do pass, I want her to know me, through my own words and messages I have left her behind. (Does this sound crazy?)

Anyways, this challenge has inspired me to organize the ideas I wanted to share with my daughter. Also, my LJ page is really lonely and abandoned and this may make it look a bit busier.

So I have decided to write about
100 Things
(books, ideas, quotes, movies,ect...)
I would like to share with my daughter

Wish me Luck :)

PS: this may take me several years to complete, just ask: drakemarie